Infrared Thermal Imaging

Before infrared thermal imaging existed, roofs were often times laid over or restored without knowing the existing moisture content in the old systems. This trapped moisture would lead to premature failures in the new roof systems, and even lead to major structural issues. With today’s technology, existing roofs can be thermal scanned, and any moisture content found is removed prior to a new roof system or restoration coating being applied to ensure a long-lasting installation.

flir scanner

Infrared thermal scans are conducted at dusk, as the heat load in existing roof systems are cooling. Any moisture will retain the heat, and show up through these state-of-the-art cameras. The cameras capture still images that are shared in a written report. Additionally, Worner Roofing will mark these areas on the existing roof to be dissected and removed before installing a new system. All major manufacturers require this procedure prior to a restoration or layover of a new system to achieve their warranties.

Our experienced technicians are normally able to find and solve roof leaks before the use of our camera, but if needed, we can provide this service and pinpoint the exact area moisture is infiltrating the system.